Investments / Technology Transfer

Activities as Advisor on Investments are addressed to Entrepreneurs, Investors, Private Equity Funds who are interested in investing in technological SMEs

The advisory activity is connected with the evaluation of Companies, the analysis of the prospected Firmfrom the strategic, market, managerial, technological / industrial, organizational and financial point of view

We develop analysis on Companies already identified by potential Investors or upon request, we can identify the Companies with the required characteristics. In this case, the Investor may be a Entrepreneur with the objective of vertical or horizontal integration to his existing business, or a Financial Investor seeking specific opportunities

For particular technological and innovation environments such as: Clean tech, technologies 4.0, on customers' mandate, we may identify companies with whom they could establish technology transfer agreements, joint ventures, patents exploitation

Our clients in this case are Industrial Groups, especially foreign Groups, who see the possibility of expanding consolidated and generally large business exploiting new technologies